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Mindful Tools for Everyday Life

Welcome to the Listening Space, where you’ll find resources that can help you pause for breath, slow time down and create space to listen to yourself and others in new and exciting ways.

So many of us find ourselves caught up in the busy demands of life. We rush from one commitment to another, trying to fit too much into each day with barely a moment to catch our breath. It can feel like we’re being pulled in all directions with no time to stop and enjoy life. We get caught up in our thoughts and emotions, ‘trapped’ in reliving past problems or worrying about future events. We can find ourselves struggling to make decisions and being uncertain about the direction we want to take. We don’t stop for a moment to listen…truly listen to ourselves and others.


The Listening Space provides you with mindful tools that will change the way that you listen to yourself and to others, and enable you to manage the stresses and strains of everyday life and take more pleasure in what you do..

There are two main approaches included in the Listening Space offerings:

First, a simple and structured process, that I call the Listening Space, which helps you to explore what is on your mind in a way that can be richly creative and transformative.

And second, Coming to Calm, which introduces you to:

  • models that help you understand the way you think and behave, and

  • various mindful tools to help you feel calmer and bring a greater sense of enjoyment to what you do.

Both approaches are underpinned by the principles of mindful awareness.

There are various ways that you can interact with The Listening Space offerings:

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'I wholeheartedly support the focus of The Listening Space and it's deep relevance to our lives and work, and even to the future of our world.'

Nancy Kline, Time to Think

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