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About me


Hi. My name is Tamsin Hartley. 


After working as a physiotherapist for ten years and then taking time out to raise a family, I retrained to work as a coach, trainer and workshop facilitator.

I have created The Listening Space because of my belief in the transformative power of listening deeply to ourselves and to others.

I have also always been drawn to using metaphor in my work, and when a friend introduced me to Clean Language it wasn’t long before I was hooked. Here was a respectful way of working with peoples' metaphors that is both resourceful and richly creative.


I have combined the principles of mindful awareness with exploration using Clean Language to create The Listening Space - a structured process in which one person facilitates another to explore what is on their mind, using a combination of repeating back their words and a specific set of Clean questions.

My work has also lead me to creating Coming to Calm, an approach that introduces you to mindful tools that help to make you feel calmer and bring a greater sense of enjoyment to the things that you do.

I am the author of two books:

'Tamsin works with people in a way that is fun, engaging and very empowering.'
JO – coach

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