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The Listening Space 

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck and unable to see the wood for the trees? Perhaps there are times when you find yourself going round in circles with no obvious way out of a problem? Sometimes it can feel like we’ve run out of choices, and we’re unable to find solutions to the challenges we face.

The Listening Space is a structured process that will change the way that you listen to yourself so that you can:​

  • connect with what feels right for you in the decisions that you make;

  • imagine your future more clearly; and

  • take more delight in what you do.


It will also change the way that you listen to others, so that you can understand and connect with them with greater richness and depth.


The Listening Space is based on the principles of mindful awareness, because when we bring mindful awareness to our experience choices and solutions that were previously hidden from view are given the chance to reveal themselves.

This simple process uses a specific set of questions, called Clean questions,  to help shine a light on the metaphors that we naturally use to describe our experience – describing one thing in terms of another. This can bring a whole new dimension to our understanding of ourselves.


For example, one of my clients chose to explore what ‘concentration’ means for her in a Listening Space session. She is a bank clerk and was making errors whilst cashing up at the end of the day. As a result of being asked this specific set of Clean questions she realised that she needed to construct a metaphoric glass box – 2 to 3 inches thick – all around herself when cashing up. This meant she could see her colleagues, but any sound would be blocked out.


The result of this? Cash errors became a thing of the past. She also used her metaphoric glass box to help her pass her driving theory test after three failed attempts! This kind of transformational insight happens frequently in a Listening Space session.

You can learn more about the Listening Space by:

  1. Buying the Listening Space book

  2. Joining a Listening Space course

And there are recordings of Listening Space sessions below for you to watch.

'This wonderfully creative process is easy to learn. It is such a powerful and respectful tool to use.'

EW - teacher

'Using the Listening Space with my clients has had extraordinary results. Enlightening and life-changing.'

JG – coach

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