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The Listening Space 

The Listening Space is a structured process in which one person facilitates another to explore an issue that is on their mind, using a combination of repeating back their words and a specific set of Clean questions.


This can be done with friends, relatives, colleagues or clients — wherever there would be value in giving the other person the space to explore their thinking.


This could be anything from a problem they would like to gain clarity on to a creative idea they want to develop. What is very important is that you have an element of trust between you.


In a Listening Space, vulnerability is welcomed and all thoughts and emotions are accepted. It is not a space for asking clever questions or rushing in to make things better.


Instead we work on the assumption that people make useful choices when they are encouraged to gain awareness of themselves and do their own thinking.


This makes Clean questions the perfect tool for the job since, as much as is possible, they ensure that we put our assumptions and suggestions to one side.

Below are some examples of Listening Space sessions:

This wonderfully creative process is easy to learn. It is such a powerful and respectful tool to use.

EW - teacher

Using the Listening Space with my clients has had extraordinary results. Enlightening and life-changing.

JG – coach

When I was suffering with chronic fatigue I was given all sorts of advice from well-meaning people. But all that advice left me feelng misunderstood and isolated.

I just needed someone to listen to my soul and, in doing so, give me comfort.

No one did.

I now realise that a non-judgemental Listening Space was all I needed.

AC - academic

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