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Coming to Calm Video Course

The Coming to Calm video course introduces you to mindful tools that help to make you feel calmer and bring a greater sense of enjoyment to the things that you do.


I’ve created this video version of Coming to Calm because people who’ve attended the group live course have told me how much difference it’s made to their lives. They have described Coming to Calm as a deceptively simple approach that has helped them understand themselves better and feel more empowered.

They noticed that:

- they now feel less stressed

- they are more joyful

- they are more appreciative of everyday things

- and their relationships with others have improved


The course is delivered in bite-sized, easy-to-follow sections, with activities in each module to help you:

-  build understanding of yourself

- pause for breath, slow time down and bring care and attention to yourself

- listen to yourself in a way that brings fresh perspectives and helps reveal solutions to challenges you may face

- listen to others in a way that builds understanding between you.

Cost: £19.99

To buy the Coming to Calm video course click here.

'This is a well-structured course with lots of exercises and resources. Tamsin explains everything calmly and straightforwardly,. I worked through the exercises, and although I am familiar with some of the content, I gained interesting insights. I can highly recommend for hands-on personal development.'

DS - artist

'This is an amazing, life changing course. Tamsin is a fantastic presenter and coach. She is totally professional, clear and easy to understand. Go for this course and I am sure you will be forever grateful.'

ED - parent and carer

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