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Listening Space Group Live Course

What's involved in the Listening Space group live course?

Each week for five weeks, there is a 90-minute group online live session.


There are three main components to the course.

  1. First, you’ll learn how to use a specific set of questions, called Clean questions, to bring mindful awareness to your own experience. 

  2. Second, you’ll see how shining a light on the metaphors that we naturally use to describe our experience – describing one thing in terms of another – can bring a whole new dimension to our understanding of ourselves. 

  3. Third, you’ll learn how Clean questions can be used to reveal these metaphors in a way that provides valuable new perspectives and solutions for your own life and for the lives of others.

By the end of the course you'll notice ...

  • that you have new and resourceful ways of connecting deeply with your feelings

  • that you have richly creative and enlightening ways of exploring the challenges that you face, and

  • that your relationships with others deepen as you bring this respectful tool for communication to your everyday conversations.

After the course there is a weekly online group that you can join if you want to keep practicing the skills you have learnt. This is free to attend.

The Listening Space book serves as a handbook for the course,

Group size: each course has up to four participants. This means that there is a lot of opportunity for discussion and asking questions. It also helps to bring a wonderful sense of safety to the sessions.


Cost: £120


Course dates: 

The next Listening Space group live course takes place Tuesdays, 16.30 - 18.00pm (UK time), starting October 15th. The course dates are as follows:

  • Oct 15th, 22nd, 29th

  • Nov 5th, 12th

To find out more: 

If you are curious about the difference this course can make in your life and your relationships, then feel free to contact me:

  • ​for more information

  • to book your place

  • to register your interest for future courses

  • to discuss the possibility of running a course on dates that suit you best

'What a wonderful mindful experience, both the Listening Space and Coming to Calm have been. I have been furnished with a full toolkit, which has added a great deal of value to my own coaching practice.' 

GS - ADHD Executive coach

'The Listening Space opens up a new world of discovery and insight for my clients. This course was extremely well structured and a pleasure to attend. Tamsin is a gifted trainer and demonstrates her ability to hold a wonderful listening space.'

RS - coach and trainer

'A beautifully simple process. And a very supported learning experience. It was great being listened to so deeply, and learning how to make space to listen to others in a very different way.'

ES - musician

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