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Mindful Awareness

Mindful awareness is about getting to know yourself better as you bring your attention to what is going on both inside and around you in the present moment, without trying to change or fix anything. 


It is about allowing yourself to experience the whole range of your thoughts and feelings — from pure joy to painful vulnerability — and accepting your responses to what is happening in your life.

This is not to say that you have to accept the situation itself. Suppose, for example, that I am angry and frustrated with the way that a friend is treating me. Whilst I might accept that these are my feelings, this does not mean that I must accept that person’s actions.


Developing awareness of this kind helps you to see each moment as it unfolds around you with more clarity. It enables you to respond to what is actually happening rather than reacting to situations with all the worries and concerns from past events or imagined future happenings. Choices and solutions that were previously hidden from view are given the chance to reveal themselves.

Above all, mindful awareness is about building a compassionate relationship with yourself as you bring care and attention to yourself in any given moment.

'The Listening Space and Coming to Calm both offer a wonderful way of bringing mindful awareness to things that I want to explore. I love the deceptive simplicity and elegance of these approaches - and the deep, rich exploration that they lead to.'

SS - musician

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