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The Listening Space book gives you simple tools to help you pause for breath, slow time down and create space to listen to yourself and others. These tools are based on the principles of mindful awareness.


You will:

  • be shown ways of becoming mindful of the present moment by tuning in to your different senses, your thoughts and your emotions;

  • be encouraged to access your own metaphors to describe your experiences and bring your self-exploration to a whole new colourful and creative level; and

  • learn how to create a Listening Space for others to explore their own experience, which may or may not be through metaphor.


The book takes you on a path into and up through the different floors of the Lighthouse of Mindful Exploration, showing you how Clean questions can be used to shine the light of attention on ourselves and others in order to:

  • gain clarity on which direction to take next;

  • navigate the rocks and storms in life; and

  • notice the beauty in the surrounding landscape.

If you'd like to learn more about the tools covered in The Listening Space, you can join an online group-live course.

'A real gem of a book. It has helped me to step back, explore my thoughts and emotions, and communicate better with others. Such a powerful resource to have.'

JM – parent

'I have rarely read a book where I am left able to apply everything in it - but this book is one of them. Tamsin's passion for this approach to make a positive difference in the world shines through her writing. Brilliant!'

SH - coach and business owner

'With lovely illustrations and a moving case study, this book is very user-friendly. Tamsin creates a wonderful blend of mindfulness and Clean Language. Deceptively simple. Amazingly effective.'

NP - body-worker, trainer and author

'This book is eminently practical and readable - a ‘must-have’ book for your bookshelf that you will keep coming back to and discover new and refreshing insights.'

GJ - therapist

The Listening Space Book

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