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Book of Poems

When we stop and take time to reflect on the moment, it can be a transforming, calming experience. It can also be a powerful inspiration.


Because often, from clear, still reflections - on life, people, places, relationships - come words that capture the essence of those moments. 

Captured Moments is a book of poems that have arisen from such moments of stillness for me - moments of stillness that were created in a Listening Space.


The book also includes an activity that invites you to explore your own experience in a creative way using a Listening Space. Because when you create space in your life, you can also create beauty.

'Captured Moments is not only a book of heartfelt poems, it is also an invitation to discover that source of creativity which surprises us again and again when we tap into it with the simple, fun and effective methods Tamsin Hartley offers in this book and in her ground-breaking book, The Listening Space.'

Nick Pole - author of Words That Touch: How to Ask Questions Your Body Can Answer

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