Coming to Calm Course

Taking time to pause and reflect can make all the difference to how we manage the stresses and strains of daily life.

Experience Mapping is one way of doing just this: pressing pause to take notice of what is happening for us in any given situation. This simple process is taken from The Listening Space book.

In the online Coming to Calm workshop, you’ll learn about this process in a way that is interactive and fun. We’ll be covering:

  • An overview of how the brain works

  • Experience Mapping for:

    • managing difficulty

    • grateful awareness

The workshop involves six weekly sessions of 90 minutes. The group size is kept to a maximum of four participants.

The next Coming to Calm workshop takes place on Tuesdays, 17.00 - 18.30pm, starting September 13th.


Cost: £170 (this includes provision of​ the set of A5-sized laminated Mapping Mats shown below).


To find out more: contact Tamsin.

An excellent and informative course that cuts through a lot of theory to give you simple, manageable tools that are so empowering.

CR – coach


I've been blown away by the profound impact that this deceptively simple approach can have.

PD - mediator

Tamsin created a spacious, generous, and compassionate learning experience that was inclusive of all.

WIth her extensive knowledge and creativity she has produced this simple, yet deeply profound approach.

KD - coach and trainer

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