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The Listening Space for Parents

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding things that you ever do, and it can also be one of the most challenging.


Whether you’re managing toddler tantrums, supporting teenagers through friendship difficulties, or trying to balance the demands of work and family life, it’s easy to find yourself riding on a roller-coaster of emotions.


Taking time out of the busy demands of everyday life to reflect on things that are important to you as a parent can make all the difference.


Having a space where you are listened to in a way that allows you to be truly heard can help you to put any concerns you may have in perspective.

The Listening Space for Parents is a four-week online programme that provides such a space for parents. During these sessions you will:

  • Be introduced to models of human behaviour that help you to understand your own thoughts and emotions better.

  • Experience powerful new ways of listening deeply to yourself and to others using Clean Language questions.

  • Be given tools to help you nurture healthy relationships within the family.


The course involves:

  • Four weekly 90 minute sessions hosted online using 'Zoom'.

  • Each session is recorded so you can catch up if you miss a week.

  • Cost: £40.

  • Group sizes are kept small (up to 6 people).

The next online course will be taking place on Tuesday mornings, 10.00 - 11.30am (UK time) starting 15th September.


Please contact me:

  • For more information

  • To book your place

  • To register interest for future courses

"Using the Listening Space questions with my teenage daughter helped her to open up about what was troubling her. It seemed to bridge what felt like an unreachable gap. She's talked to me much more since that moment."

MA – mother 

"Clean questions helped my four-year-old daughter identify the 'monster' in her tummy that turns green when she's feeling angry and stays pink when she's happy. Now I've got a way of helping her manage her emotions and figure out what is needed to keep the monster happy: something to eat or drink perhaps; a walk in the fresh air; or a chance to just sit and read quietly."

RW - mother

"Clean questions help me to know how to help my children. They let me separate the issues out rather than assuming I know what is troubling them."

SM - father

"What started for me as a tool to improve communication has become a powerful resource which has encouraged me to step back and explore my own thoughts and emotions too."

JM - father 

"When my colleague held a Listening Space for me I was able to get right to the heart of the matter in making a difficult decision about a promotion I'd been approached to apply for. I realised that right now spending time with my young children is more important to me. "

AC - mother

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