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Clean pain relief

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Sophie had been suffering from awful daily headaches and was reluctant to take the strong medication for chronic migraine that her GP had prescribed her. Instead she decided to explore her symptoms by asking herself some Clean questions:

  • What kind of pain was it?

  • Where was the pain?

  • Was there anything else about that pain?

  • Did the pain have a size or a shape?

She soon realised that she was embodying her distress at having to keep sending her very reluctant 7-year old daughter to school.

'I was making her do this thing that was hurting her and, as a result, I was hurting myself.'

'It was really bizarre because my headaches went away almost instantaneously as soon as I realised I was processing things in this way. I still felt really bad but it stopped being something that I didn't have any control over. It started to be something I could change.'

How about you?

Do you experience pain that could be explored in this way?

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